KM Forage Treat

Using innovative and natural ingredients including a unique blend of plant extracts, oils, vitamins, minerals, both pre & probiotics, KM Elite are proud to launch this perfectly balanced range. The range is formulated to help maintain the long-term health and well-being of all poultry as well as their eggs.  Our products have been extensively tested by nutritionists and proven to be extremely palatable.

KM Elite Ultimate Forage Treat contains both prebiotics & probiotics with a blend of natural herbs, grains and plant extracts to compliment a balanced diet. Additional layers pellets included to promote pallatabilty and year round healthy hens. 750g.

How to use

Scatter one handful per 3 birds as a treat in addition to standard feeding regime. Approx 10-25g per bird, per day.


Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Mixed Millet, White Millet, Red Dari, Hipro soya, sunflower seed black, medium oyster shell, whole linseed, whole naked oats, maize flake, Safflower seeds, limestone, full fat soya, soya oil, maize gluten, dical, biomoss, salt, orego stim, di-methionne, L-Lyshine, Vit E, X.

Keep out of reach of children.    For animal use only.    Store in cool, dry conditions, out of direct sunlight.


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