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Zena Hewett
BSc Hons Ost, AMICO
Registered Osteopath & Practice Principal

Hello! I’m Zena HewettI established the osteopathic practice in Chichester in 2007 after graduating from a five-year Osteopathy degree with The College Of Osteopaths in London, and have been practising in the Chichester area ever since. I have also previously spent time working as an associate Osteopath in Southbourne GP surgery, and as a long-term locum for a large practice in Fareham and Petersfield.One of the joys of my day to day practice is definitely the variety of people and health issues that I see. No two people can ever be the same, even if they have the same ‘named condition’, the impacts of their own personal life-story on, and in, their body will be different, and therefore the route to be taken for optimal health will be different too.

I treat people of all ages with the span of ages of patients that I have treated being…a little girl just two whole days old to a wonderful gentleman aged 99 3/4!  And I am just as happy to help with the weird and wonderful, puzzling, complex long-term issues as I am the acute, sudden injury, but I do enjoy a puzzle!

Having undertaken post graduate studies in the Classical Osteopathy approach with the internationally renowned, Institute of Classical Osteopathy and the British Institute of Osteopathy, my approach is a global, constitutional way to health. This has greatly enhanced the way that I treat and the results that can be achieved.

My previous career has included Sports Therapy and massage, and prior to that, the veterinary world, so luckily my patients do not scratch or bite me anymore, although I still get poo-ed on by the odd baby!


Carol Bond
BSc Hons Ost, D.O.
Registered Osteopath

Hello! I’m Carol BondI am a Registered Osteopath with plenty of experience and lots of enthusiasm. I came to Osteopathy through a fascination with bodies and how they work from teaching Hatha Yoga in the late 1980s. In 1993 I trained with the Yoga Biomedical Trust as one of their first Yoga Therapists and have offered yoga within prisons, as part of addiction recovery programmes and to cancer patients, in addition to more general classes.

Upon graduating from the European School of Osteopathy in 2006 I was invited to work with an eminent cranial Osteopath. Under his tutelage I enjoyed a busy appointments diary working with people of all age groups and diverse health problems. I gained experience working with pregnant women and treating babies and children which I especially enjoy.

After a decade or so I moved to a multidisciplinary clinic in Wales. There I tended to attract older patients, gaining something of a reputation of being a very useful person to see whilst postponing hip replacement surgery. Osteopathy cannot reverse the bony changes in osteoarthritis, but plenty can be done to maintain mobility and comfort, slowing muscle degeneration too.It pleases me hugely to be asked to treat several generations of the same family…and I plan to include the household pets soon too. Gaining a qualification in Canine and Equine Osteopathy will be my next big challenge.

I like empowering my human patients with greater understanding of how their bodies work and easy tactics they can use to help themselves. As part of this approach some people like to return for maintenance treatment or for ongoing exercise advice. I often suggest to them a modified form of Tai Chi (TMW) which I now teach, to help their continued flexibility and well-being….and reduce their need to visit the Osteopath.