Oldwick Saddlery

Solent Rug Revival Price List

over 20 years experience

Turnout & stable rugs – wash & dry only £10.50

Turnout & stable rugs with attached hoods wash & dry only £12.50

Turnout rug washed, dried & reproofed £18.50

Turnout rug with attached hood washed, dried & reproofed £22.50

Neck washed & dried £4

Neck washed, dried & reproofed £6.50

Excersie sheets washed & dried £7.50

Set of Travel Boots £10

Saddle Pad £3

Rug Repairs:

From new sursingles & straps to rips or other any other damage, this can be fixed. Prices may vary depedning on type of repair.

  • All turnoutrugs are reproofed with NIKWAX
  • All rugs must be washed if a repair is to be carried out
  • Any additional items will be priced upon consultation