Animal feeds & bedding enquiries

We stock a selection of horse, dog, cat and chicken feeds. There will always be someone here to give feeding advice or answer any questions you may have.

Do you have a special feed order? Call us to discuss and we can arrange.

Oldwick Saddlery is situated on Oldwick Farm which is a family run agricultural farm producing its own hay, haylage and straw.

Hay, straw & haylage available for deliveries – call 07825296272 to find out more.

Animal feeds

We hold stock of brands including Dengie, Spillers, Baileys, Top Spec, Allen & Page, Rowen Barbary, Marks Way, Emerald Green, Duffields and Skinners Field & Trial

Perfect for either four-legged friend – horse or dog.


Animal bedding

We stock Bedmax, Mendip, Aubiose, Megazorb, Burley Bed, Wood Pellets, Stable Bed Shavings.

Call to order some feed